How to Find the Right Pocket Beagle Breeder for You

What should you look for when searching for a Pocket Beagle breeder?


At Home Grown Pocket Beagles we want you to find the puppy that is right for your family. There are quite a few things to consider when adopting a pocket beagle pup.


Have you thought about searching shelters first? There are many beautiful beagles that are waiting to be adopted that can offer love and puppy fun just as much as adopting from a breeder. We always want to encourage families to consider adopting from a shelter first and if they can’t find the puppy they are looking for THEN to seek out a responsible breeder.


Speaking of responsible breeders – make sure you find a breeder that is high in communication, experienced, detailed and thorough about the adoption process and that is not a puppy mill. There are many good breeders out there but I personally believe you have to find them. In our opinion, the best breeders are family breeders and not huge kennels that have little to no interaction with the puppies on a daily basis. We feel that socialization is very important for puppies…with BOTH adult dogs and human affection. You can see the result of a puppy raised by hand in an instant.


Selecting a breeder:

- SEE THE FAMILY! Find a breeder that is more than happy to show you their adult dogs (WHEN FULL GROWN). This is very important. Pocket beagles are the best pets out there and you are going to invest time and money into selecting your new family member so make sure that the puppy you select will look like you expect them to when they grow up. I personally think that you’ll fall in love with whatever puppy you choose, and if it grows up and looks different than a pocket beagle…you’re not going to kick him/her to the crub! Right? (Well, you better not!!) Of course you wouldn’t do that, because that is your puppy and you will know him/her and love them…but with that being said: You still want to get what you pay for.


- KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! Pocket Beagles can take on many proportions but still be in the standard guidelines of pocket beagles. Be sure that you have and idea in your mind of what you want your pocket beagle to look like and then ask your breeder to see pictures of their adult dogs (AT ADULT AGE, current photos only). See if you like what you see. Pocket beagles who are on the smaller end are very adorable and could be great for you but you need to realize that as pocket beagles get smaller they CAN (not always) lose their “beagle” look. Sometimes they get narrower snouts, are more barrel chested and have a very broad disproportionate (according to the beagle look) forehead. Some of the really small pocket beagles take on some of the looks of a Chihuahua in our opinion. If you don’t mind this look then that’s fabulous. At HGPB we personally (just our preference) like our pocket beagles to resemble standard beagle proportion as closely as possible. So while our pocket beagles are not the very small type (9 inches or so) they look very much like beagles and are very well proportioned.



- NOTE COMMUNICATIONS! When working with a breeder, you are developing a relationship with someone who will be with you through the whole adoption process. It’s imperative that they be high communicators and willing to answer your questions. This makes the adoption process soo much easier. Make sure that your breeder doesn’t leave you high and dry after the puppy goes home. At HGPB we are available from before you’ve picked us all the way through the life of your puppy. We love receiving updates on our puppies and are happy to help with any puppy training questions you might have.


We love what we do and take pride in running everything with integrity and excellence. We try to offer more than just a puppy but instead we want to offer you an “adoption experience”. We love making videos and taking photos of the puppies for your family to enjoy as your puppy grows. We love getting to know each puppy and telling you how their little personality is developing. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly and if missed we call you right back. We strive to offer the best adoption experience for BOTH you and the puppy.



Do you cross breed your dogs?


Do you cross breed your dogs with dachshunds?

No.  We do not cross breed our pocket beagles with any other breed of dog.  We love the breed just as it is and think that natural breeding is the best for the breed and for our puppies.  We have learned from others that cross breeding can lead to genetic defects such as under bites, kinked tails and hernias.  Our dogs and puppies have no history of any of these things and are in great health. 




Do they fit in your pocket???


Do Pocket Beagles fit into your pocket???

Despite their somewhat deceiving name, pocket beagles DO NOT fit into your pocket.  Well, they might while they are puppies but that won’t last. 

Pocket Beagles derived their name from their hunting days back in the 1800s in England.  English men would take smaller sized beagles with them on the hunt because they could go places standard beagles could not.  When they would transport them, they would ride in their horse’s saddle bag otherwise known as the “pocket”.  This is the reason these small beagles are called “pocket beagles”. 

Well, how big do they get then?

Pocket Beagles vary in size but should be within the following standards:

·         10-12 inches in height (to the withers)

·         10-15 lbs

What’s the difference between a standard beagle and a pocket beagle?

We have owned standard beagles before and in our experience there are two major differences between pocket beagles and standard beagles. 

·         Baying – Our standard beagle, Oliver, while we loved him very much, was quite the “communicator”.  He seemed to be constantly baying at something with his nose to the ground.  His “communicating” was hard to deal with because it was his instincts, he wanted to obey but he just seemed obsessed with smells and letting us know about them.  In our experience Pocket Beagles are completely different in this area.  We have our 3 dogs in a normal neighborhood and we’ve never had any complaints.  Our pocket beagles only bark when there is a need to.  They are great guard dogs and their baying is cute instead of a burden. 

·         Companionship/The Hunt – Our Oliver was also clear that his first priority was with whatever smell his nose picked up.  If our front door was open, he was gone.  He was a very loving dog but given the choice of a good scent and our hands, the scent won hands down!  Not all standard beagles are this way but I think most of them struggle with this.  Our pocket beagles do love food and love a good scent but their humans are their priority.  They are great companions and love attention.  All three of our dogs had rather be in our arms than to be on the hunt.  They are family dogs and we love them. 

Please don’t get us wrong, standard beagles are great but in our opinion, pocket beagles are the perfect family pet.



Why Home Grown Pocket Beagles?

We guarantee our puppies to be healthy at the time of purchase.  Before we ship, your puppy will have been wormed and will have had a complete Vet checkup and health certificate issued by a licensed Vet.  We further offer a 1 year genetic guarantee against hereditary and congenital disorders that may interfere with the puppy's ability to live a normal life.  In the event of such an occurrence we will replace your puppy upon availability.

At Home Grown Pocket Beagles we strive to give you the best customer service while adopting your puppy and beyond.  We guarantee that if you do not get us on the phone directly you will receive communication from us within 24 hours from the time of your contact…email is checked regularly throughout the day and you can expect a response from us within 24 hours.  We will do our best to answer all of your questions and help you find a puppy to adopt.  If you are looking for a certain color of puppy that we do not have then we will be more than happy to put you in touch with other breeders that we have relationships with.   Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and 100% puppy satisfaction.

We are registered with Champion Pet Registry.

10% goes to Missionaries: 
Before we were Home Grown Pocket Beagles we were actually “The Blakes in Thailand”.  We served as missionaries in Thailand for four years so our hearts are very much bent toward missions and missionaries.  Because of this and the belief that if you can’t go…help others go and spread the good news and the love of God – we give 10% of all income from Home Grown Pocket Beagles to missionaries.  When you adopt one of our puppies 10% will go directly to one of the missionary families that are listed on our website.  If you would like you can even select which one you wish your 10% to go to.  We have worked with all of these missionaries at one point or the other and they are all incredible people…giving it all so that others may know about the gospel.  They do many things that range from taking in orphans, starting churches, personal discipleship to meeting the physical needs of the people (food, water, shelter).


What's In Your Pet's Food?


What’s in your pet’s food?

“Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need…right?

These are the images pet food manufacturers promulgate through the media and advertising. This is what the $16.1 billion per year U.S. pet food industry wants consumers to believe they are buying when they purchase their products.

This report explores the differences between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually getting. It focuses in very general terms on the most visible name brands — the pet food labels that are mass-distributed to supermarkets and discount stores — but there are many highly respected brands that may be guilty of the same offenses.

What most consumers don’t know is that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food and agriculture industries. Pet food provides a convenient way for slaughterhouse offal, grains considered “unfit for human consumption,” and similar waste products to be turned into profit. This waste includes intestines, udders, heads, hooves, and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts.” 

~ Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute
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“The true horrors of pet food revealed:
Prepare to be shocked by what goes into
dog food and cat food”

“If you check the labels on grocery store foods, you've probably already begun to see that the list of ingredients doesn't always tell the whole truth about what's in your food. The same goes for your pets' food. Behind innocent-sounding words like "meat byproducts" and "meat meal" are horrific manufacturing practices that would turn your stomach. The nutritional considerations of pet foods go beyond the sources of meat in them. Pet food manufacturers add dangerous preservatives and vitamin fortifications that actually make your pets' food less healthy.”

~ Jessica Smith, citizen journalist
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