Do they fit in your pocket???


Do Pocket Beagles fit into your pocket???

Despite their somewhat deceiving name, pocket beagles DO NOT fit into your pocket.  Well, they might while they are puppies but that won’t last. 

Pocket Beagles derived their name from their hunting days back in the 1800s in England.  English men would take smaller sized beagles with them on the hunt because they could go places standard beagles could not.  When they would transport them, they would ride in their horse’s saddle bag otherwise known as the “pocket”.  This is the reason these small beagles are called “pocket beagles”. 

Well, how big do they get then?

Pocket Beagles vary in size but should be within the following standards:

·         10-12 inches in height (to the withers)

·         10-15 lbs

What’s the difference between a standard beagle and a pocket beagle?

We have owned standard beagles before and in our experience there are two major differences between pocket beagles and standard beagles. 

·         Baying – Our standard beagle, Oliver, while we loved him very much, was quite the “communicator”.  He seemed to be constantly baying at something with his nose to the ground.  His “communicating” was hard to deal with because it was his instincts, he wanted to obey but he just seemed obsessed with smells and letting us know about them.  In our experience Pocket Beagles are completely different in this area.  We have our 3 dogs in a normal neighborhood and we’ve never had any complaints.  Our pocket beagles only bark when there is a need to.  They are great guard dogs and their baying is cute instead of a burden. 

·         Companionship/The Hunt – Our Oliver was also clear that his first priority was with whatever smell his nose picked up.  If our front door was open, he was gone.  He was a very loving dog but given the choice of a good scent and our hands, the scent won hands down!  Not all standard beagles are this way but I think most of them struggle with this.  Our pocket beagles do love food and love a good scent but their humans are their priority.  They are great companions and love attention.  All three of our dogs had rather be in our arms than to be on the hunt.  They are family dogs and we love them. 

Please don’t get us wrong, standard beagles are great but in our opinion, pocket beagles are the perfect family pet.



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