Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dogs


I have created this page because I receive a TON of hate mail for breeding dogs.  I am very happy and guilt free with what I do but there are plenty of people out there that want to write horrible emails who believe I am worse than scum for breeding puppies.  I understand their plight and I don't consider myself on the other side of the battle.  While I can never convince any of these people otherwise, nor is it my job to do so, I do love dogs.  And I do care for shelter dogs.  So with saying that...

If you are looking for a new family pet then please consider a shelter dog first.  They are just as loveable and in most cases, cheaper.  Shelter dogs can bring the same joy, fun and love into a family and I highly recommend adopting from shelters.  If you are an individual that has their heart set on a pocket beagle - as 99% of my adoptive families have - then please do look here.  We are not a kennel and we breed responsibly.  We love our pets and we love on these puppies.

There are many high-kill shelters out there.  I've put a great link below for you to see available shelter dogs.  If you see a puppy that is right for your family then by all means - PLEASE adopt a shelter dog.  If this is not for you then be happy adopting a puppy from us knowing that you are not purchasing from a puppy mill or a breeder that is contributing to overpopulation.  There is a demand for pocket beagle puppies and usually the people who are searching for pocket beagle puppies are not interested in shelter dogs. Please visit the links below and make sure you are not willing to consider a shelter dog before contacting us regarding our pups.


I wanted to let you know about a VERY special project that I just learned about called the "BEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT".  These people do amazing work rescuing "lab Beagles".  Please take some time and see if maybe you could be the loving home that one of these babies desperately needs after a life of no love.  Click here to learn more...

Click here to see why YOU SHOULD CONSIDER adopting one of these dogs:

Beagles See Sun and Grass for first time...


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