Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations


Why question standard vaccination procedures??


In recent years more is becoming known about the affects of vaccinations on young puppies…because of this information we do not vaccinate our puppies before they come to you. 

We believe that while many puppies do fine with vaccinations before 8 weeks of age…it is not what is best for the puppy.  Are we against vaccinations? 

Absolutely not, we just believe that a more holistic approach to vaccination schedules is best for puppies in general.  Before you dismiss this different way of taking care of your puppies health needs…please read below.  Be informed.

“After all, vaccines are a standard in health care. We vaccinate our children against hepatitis, polio and influenza when they're infants and toddlers, giving up to two boosters of some vaccines until puberty. But then we stop.

Not with our pets, though. In fact, we continue bolstering the immunity of our pets until they are well into their senior years. That has spawned a debate as fierce as any fighting pit bull: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

Many veterinarians believe the practice of annual vaccinations is an unnecessary evil, responsible for such diseases as allergy, seizures, anemia, even cancer. They say vaccinations make our animals vulnerable to some of the top diseases plaguing our pets, and that rather than building up immunity we are overwhelming their immune systems. Others would rather stick to tradition and say that vaccinating has warded off the most deadly animal diseases over the past 30 years, so why question it now. “

~ By Jenette Restivo Healthy Happy


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